Developing as an Educator

In the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year we took the CSTP assessment. After taking a look at my results I had some clear goals in mind. I knew I needed to work on my classroom managment and improve my level of differentiated instruction.

Classroom Management

My class this year was so different from the year before! I really had to switch up my managment style. I threw out the clip chart and moved over to classdojo. It was a hit! I also started to use a lot of visual cues. I took pictures of stright lines/messed-up lines, clean desks/dirty desks, on task/off task kids. I would put the picture under the document camera to show what was expected. I would also say "Match my desk" with the correct supplies and page number etc. Students raced to be ready!


Differentiated Instruction

Like most classrooms mine has a wide range of abilities. It was always a struggle to meet every students' needs. This year I really tried to have more project based open-ended assignments. I saw higher level students get a chance to excel and be creative while lower level students also had the chance to show their knowledge in new less traditional ways. Also no student felt singled out or marginalized.

Strenghts and Room to Grow

I feel like accomplished my goals this year. I am much more confident in classroom mangement and differentitated instruction. I know there will always be room to grow and classroom dynamics will change again but I am ready for that challenge.